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Grading and Sodding

Our primary professional service is grading and sodding.

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Grading is the process of sculpting the earth to give a smooth, desirable look that channels any sort of water and precipitation away from the foundation of a home. Proper grading includes levelling the ground for appearance and surface drainage purposes. If necessary proper irrigation valleys and ditches must be dug and sculpted.

Sod is grown on specialist farms and is cut in rolls. Turf lawns are stronger than seeded lawns because the sod is thick, grown professionally using the best soil, proper fertilization, and watering techniques. The dense characteristic of sod prevents soil erosion from precipitation in comparison to a seeded lawn. Sod lawns have extremely strong roots which grow right into the tilled, graded land, given an instantaneous beautiful lawn for you to enjoy.

Your brand new sod lawn is not far away. Here are the steps we will take to ensure you end up with the healthiest new lawn:

  1. Your existing lawn is removed with a sod cutter or track loader to ensure all of the previous weeds and old grass are disposed of.
  2. The land is surveyed and all rocks and pebbles are raked out to prepare for tilling and grading.
  3. Using gas-powered roto-tillers the ground is broken up to aerate the soil and allow for strong root growth when the new sod is laid.
  4. Using steel toothed rakes, grading rakes, and/or track loader, a rough grade is done to slope the ground for levelling and foundational purposes.
  5. Now that the rough grade has been done to channel water flow away form the foundation of the home, a layer of triple mix and topsoil is added to the lawn. An adequate amount of soil is added so that when the sod is laid, it will be flush with walkways and driveways.
  6. Now that the high quality soil is in place, we use specialized grading rakes to give the final grade before the sod is laid.
  7. When it is time for sodding, we use fresh sod that was cut in the past 24 hours and it is laid immediately to ensure strong root growth and prevention of drying. We use the best quality #1 Grade Kentucky Bluegrass. The sod is laid in a brick work fashion to ensure the strongest lawn possible and on very intense slopes, sod staples will be used to ensure sod does not slide off during heavy rainfall before the roots have properly grown in.
  8. We will water the sod after laying and you will be provided with a maintenance schedule upon completion. We highly recommend installing an irrigation system. Their will be significant discounts on lawn maintenance if you choose us for your sodding job.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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